Elegant Elements is truly an elegant quilt! When you see all the beautiful stitching, you'll be speechless. Come be a part of this amazing quilt that is done in the hoop. It will definitely be one quilt to show off. Each block is Unique Only 6 block repeat. You'll be making something new every month. There is a Quick Stitch Out Time with an average of 30 minutes per block. They've included Digital Cut Files you may choose to use and spice things up.

Cost: $ 170.00
So delicate, so fresh - this quilt is like a walk through a gentle Spring garden. Soul Blossoms Quilt by Cherry Blossoms is an applique' pattern inspired by nature and full of whimsy. You will love creating these blocks with stylized flowers, intertwined with vines and buds, whimsical birds, and beautiful butterflies.

Cost: $ 90.00
Forever Bound tells the story of our heritage and blessings we enjoy. Each block represents a different blessing. The four center blocks each contain a symbol representing love. Each block has a special symbolic meaning as well. I can't say enough about this amazing quilt! Not only does it contain deep spiritual importance in our lives, but as a quilter, you will feast upon the combination of diverse techniques for an heirloom eclectic look. Come join us for an 11 month experience that is truly a once in a life time quilt!

Cost: $ 165.00
Sometimes it is so hard to guess what someone would like for Christmas, birthdays, any holiday, or to just give a thank you gift. These cute card holders make your gift cards seem a little more thoughtful and fun to receive.

Cost: $ 15.00
Creating your own magnets is such a fun idea! Using Silhouette magnet paper and permanent vinyl, design possibilities are endless. Come learn the best way to cut them out and have them work together. Great for your fridge, kids lockers, projects boards, chore charts, paper dolls, and more.

Cost: $ 15.00
EZ-PZ gift idea! Whether you make a stocking or mitten (not shown), put a candy bar or gift card in and BOOM you're done! How cute would they be on a tree?! They also work great for holding your flatware on your holiday kitchen table. Make a set for someone you love! (They're almost as easy as making rice crispy squares and, like potato chips, you can't have just one.) Our project is completely done ITH (in the hoop). The stockings and mittens each come in 2 sizes: one for a 4"x 4" hoop and one for a 5" x 7" hoop. This class is great for beginners and pros alike. Why?...because it's super-fast and super-easy...and we always have super-fun!!!

Cost: $ 15.00
Basic Operation -- All BERNINA & bernette models

Stitch Fun: 3 hour class--Explore the decorative stitches and creative functions, of your BERNINA sewing machine while learning embellishments for almost any type of project; designed for all computerized BERNINA sewing machines.

Creative Options: 3 hour class--Open to all Artista 640, 730, and 8 Series owners, this class examines the distinctive features and functions that make these models unique and useful additions to your sewing rooms.

Learn to use your BERNINA embroidery machine to its full extent and enjoy being creative with fabric and thread!

Learn to use your BERNINA embroidery machine to its full extent and enjoy being creative with fabric and thread!

The information in this class will help you learn the basics of using your new piece of sewing equipment. Even though it is very different from your sewing machine, once you learn to incorporate serging techniques into your sewing, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Second Serger Class. Take this class after you have completed Serger Basics.

Call to put your name on a class list. We will set up a class as we gain requests. The 430, 440, 450 are in this class. Continue learning about your machine, including the embroidery module. You will also have a chance to complete your own embroidery project.

Cost: $ 100.00
This year so far we have wrangled our "PIGS"! Untangled our "WIP's"! And become triumphant at learning something new on our "TECHNI"row's! Now let's do something amazing with the end of our year! As we work on our many unfinished projects that seem to keep coming...out of every nook and cranny around the house, let us not forget those in need! CHARITY will be our goal for the end of this year.

NO SEW WHATEVER May the spirit of Thanksgiving bring love laughter, and a warm heart!

Come join us as we start the Christmas season off with creativity.

Cost: $ 15.00
Are you still in need of time for putting together your "Farm Girl"? Come and finish one more quilt top but don't stop there quilt it and make it a finished project.

Cost: $ 10.00
This quarter we have been going the extra mile to reach out to those in need. And finish our projects that have been cluttering up our lives and homes.

Cost: $ 10.00
NO SEW WHATEVER May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace, The Gladness of Christmas give you Hope, The Warmth of Christmas grant you Love.

NO SEW WHATEVER Keep the Smile, Leave the Year, Think of Joy, Forget the Fear, Hold the Laugh, Leave the Pain, Be Joyous, It's New a Year

NO SEW WHATEVER In 1888 the 1st wax drinking straw was patented in Washington, D.C.. Look at the way this has changed our lives. How will you be able to make a difference in your life by completing your projects? Find them and list them, so you can check them off your list as you finish.

In 1956 Elvis recorded "Heartbreat Hotel". Let's take the line "Always though it's crowded, you still can find some room" This is definitely like our sewing space. Let's see if we can make it not so crowded. "Sew Diva" - Merit Badge-Scrap Happy! Learn different ways of organizing your scraps!

Cost: $ 10.00
This year we are excited to explore the world of precuts and see how to use them to our advantage to save us time in cutting and sewing. "Sew Deva" - Merit Badge-I Scraps!

Cost: $ 10.00
In 1922 Lehman Caves National Monument was established. Don't let your sewing space become a deep cave that holds hidden treasures that no one sees.

Cost: $ 10.00
In 1971 Apollo 14 launched, 1st landing in lunar highlands. Reach high find one of the newer projects that just made your heart launch into happiness.

Cost: $ 10.00
We are going to continue to have opensew for the winter quarter but with a different theme. Our theme will change from WIPS to Charity. Every Thursday night is opensew but for every charitable project you finish, your name will be entered into a drawing and your project will be donated to an organization of our choosing. This is a way of giving back to our community and helping those in need. We will have our last Block of the Month class (Mystery Quilt) in September, but the mystery will continue to the end of the year. This will be on the last Thursday of the month unless noted. The greatest form of charity may be to withhold judgement - *Speak without accusing

Cost: $ 10.00
No Sew Whatever...Happy Thanksgiving!!

C'mon gang we've got a mystery to solve!

Cost: $ 10.00
Tonight we will tie our Sunshine Quilt and try to get it done before Christmas to donate to someone who needs a little sunshine!

Cost: $ 10.00
No Sew Whatever - Have a wonderfully, merry Christmas!!

Life is a mystery, but not one of those EASY mysteries where you yank the rubber masks off the vampire and it turns out to be MEREDITH!!!!!

Cost: $ 10.00
BERNINA Academy is now enrolling! Academic advisors are standing by to assist you in registering for two days of sewing instruction that will help you successfully reach your sewing goals.

Dave's Bernina will be one of the vendors and will be teaching a few classes at the 12th Annual Cedar Chest Quilter's Guild Winter Quilt Retreat. Come join us for four Fun Filled Days and Nights of Classes, Trunk Shows, Meet & Greet events, and of course Friday's Late Nite Sew with door prizes & drawings all evening. Learn new techniques & tricks from some great local & national teachers to hone our quilting skills and build some great friendships with fellow quilters.

(Sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things) "Employees in elf hats with cute homemade aprons, Make and takes made with embroidery and ribbon, twinkling lights, sweets divine, sipping hot chocolate, these are a few of our favorite Christmas things..." at Dave's Bernina Christmas Openhouse! "Christmas is my favorite," said Buddy the Elf. We totally agree! We love sharing our make and takes, delicious food and the joy of being together. We invite you to join us during "the most wonderful time of the year!"

A Machine Embroidery Event where you can have your cake & stitch it too!

Cost: $ 199.00
Okay, the new year is here and we are done with our gift giving for awhile, it is time to start really learning some of the features in this amazing new software.

Cost: $ 15.00
This class is limited to four students. We can help you learn how to put in a zipper, make buttonholes and sew on buttons using your machine......

Cost: $ 20.00
Q20/24 Quilt Club Do you have or are you interested in getting into a BERNINA Quilting Machine? Join us each month as we:

Cost: $ 40.00
Two new tools have been added to our fun Mirror Merge Toolbox. This lesson will focus on some of the things you can do with these new tools and open up the Mirror Merge Possibilities.

Cost: $ 15.00
Thread painting and free-motion quilting are easier to do with the correct presser foot.

Cost: $ 15.00
With 3D Globe effect you can create a wonderful three-dimensional embroidery effect.

Cost: $ 15.00
Two new tools have been added to our fun Mirror Merge Toolbox.

Cost: $ 15.00
Stitch up a unique double-zip box pouch with two compartments to use for travel or to store sewing accessories.

Cost: $ 15.00

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