Sew Together-Provo

This year so far we have wrangled our "PIGS"! Untangled our "WIP's"! And become triumphant at learning something new on our "TECHNI"row's! Now let's do something amazing with the end of our year! As we work on our many unfinished projects that seem to keep coming...out of every nook and cranny around the house, let us not forget those in need! CHARITY will be our goal for the end of this year.

NO SEW WHATEVER May the spirit of Thanksgiving bring love laughter, and a warm heart!

Come join us as we start the Christmas season off with creativity.

Cost: $ 15.00
Are you still in need of time for putting together your "Farm Girl"? Come and finish one more quilt top but don't stop there quilt it and make it a finished project.

Cost: $ 10.00
This quarter we have been going the extra mile to reach out to those in need. And finish our projects that have been cluttering up our lives and homes.

Cost: $ 10.00
NO SEW WHATEVER May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace, The Gladness of Christmas give you Hope, The Warmth of Christmas grant you Love.

NO SEW WHATEVER Keep the Smile, Leave the Year, Think of Joy, Forget the Fear, Hold the Laugh, Leave the Pain, Be Joyous, It's New a Year

NO SEW WHATEVER In 1888 the 1st wax drinking straw was patented in Washington, D.C.. Look at the way this has changed our lives. How will you be able to make a difference in your life by completing your projects? Find them and list them, so you can check them off your list as you finish.

In 1956 Elvis recorded "Heartbreat Hotel". Let's take the line "Always though it's crowded, you still can find some room" This is definitely like our sewing space. Let's see if we can make it not so crowded. "Sew Diva" - Merit Badge-Scrap Happy! Learn different ways of organizing your scraps!

Cost: $ 10.00
This year we are excited to explore the world of precuts and see how to use them to our advantage to save us time in cutting and sewing. "Sew Deva" - Merit Badge-I Scraps!

Cost: $ 10.00
In 1922 Lehman Caves National Monument was established. Don't let your sewing space become a deep cave that holds hidden treasures that no one sees.

Cost: $ 10.00
In 1971 Apollo 14 launched, 1st landing in lunar highlands. Reach high find one of the newer projects that just made your heart launch into happiness.

Cost: $ 10.00

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