Clubs - St. George

May is Mother's Day, so give yourself a gift! We all cherish and protect our valuable sewing scissors, so let's give them a special case to keep them safe from those who want to cut paper with them. Stitch yourself a set of sweet scissor cases to keep your favorite sewing tools safely stashed.

Cost: $ 30.00
Mother's Day, birthdays and other special occasion are right around the corner. Come make some personalized gifts for those special days and see how easy it is to create with the Silhouette.

Cost: $ 15.00
DIY or die! These accessories will help you tackle basic upholstery projects for the home. We will work with the Leather Roller Foot #55, Double-Cord Foot #59C and #60C, and the BERNINA Walking Foot #50

Cost: $ 15.00

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Click Here to download the Winter / Spring 2018 St. George Newsletter