Specialty Classes - Provo

May is Mother's Day so give yourself a gift! We all cherish and protect our valuable sewing scissors, so let's give them a special case to keep them safe from those who want to cut paper with them!!

Cost: $ 30.00
Okay, the new year is here and we are done with our gift giving for awhile, it is time to start really learning some of the features in this amazing new software.

Cost: $ 15.00
This class is limited to four students. We can help you learn how to put in a zipper, make buttonholes and sew on buttons using your machine......

Cost: $ 20.00
The question is: How do I know when to use my serger on a project? figure it out on this vintage pillowcase.

Cost: $ 15.00
I am always searching for pretty ways to keep my sewing room clean and organized. This cute caddy from My Fair Lady fits the bill! It can hold all the tools that are usually scattered on my cutting table. Organized. Oh yeah!

Cost: $ 25.00
Q20/24 Quilt Club Do you have or are you interested in getting into a BERNINA Quilting Machine? Join us each month as we:

Cost: $ 40.00

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