Special Events - Provo

Come sit for a spell in Broomhilda's Bakery where every ghoul-friend is welcome! Hang your hat and rest your witchy toes, while sampling the spooky sweets like Boo-Berry Pie and Rice-Creepy Treats. Quilt can be made with the Medium and Large Oval hoop sizes. Finished size of quilt: 51" x 64"

Cost: $ 45.00
In this tow day event, you will learn to make six different projects, plus you'll learn valuable embroidery tips and techniques to make your own projects more successful and less stressful!

Cost: $ 99.00
Festival Tote Designs featuring 12 brand new embroidered Applique designs that can also be used in a dozen other projects as well. Festival tote is a 16x14x6in. Pockets on the front and the back and inside. Features zippers from Ghee's.

Cost: $ 25.00

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