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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included with a standard BERNINA Warranty?
The Factory Warranty from BERNINA of America on new BERNINA sewing machines covers defective parts for 20 years from Date of Purchase.

The Customer is entitled to 1 year labor / service warranty from the selling dealer or to another dealer if the warranty is transferred.

Computerized machines are covered by a 5 year warranty on all printed Circuit Boards.

BERNINA Machine include a 2 year warranty on Electronic Parts.

Are machines purchased online covered by BERNINA Warranty?
The short answer is NO.  However that doesn't mean a BERNINA machine purchased online is worthless.  However be VERY CAUTIOS when purchasing a new BERNINA online.  Frequently customers buy a machine online thinking it is always a better deal.   Many times they come into our store to purchase the missing items from their online purchase and to have servicing done and find one like it in our store at a lower price with all the items they were missing.  Plus even used machines purchased at Dave's BERNINA include a warranty.

What is included when you purchase a new BERNINA at Dave's?

Royalty Extra's included at Dave's BERNINA 

Dave's BERNINA includes the following when you purchase a new BERNINA:
4 Year Extended Warranty ($500 value)
FREE MyBernina classes.
6 Months full value trade-in upgrade
FREE 1 year membership of your choice in one of our clubs
20% OFF Savings on a single purchase on Bernina accessories within 3 months
20% Savings on a single purchase of Roberts Sewing Furniture within the first 3 months

Why doesn't your website have prices on new BERNINA Machines?
In short the answer is that BERNINA restricts their dealers from providing online pricing for BERNINA Machines.  If you are in our local area just call or come and see us and we will provide you with a price list and all the information and demo materials to help you make an educated decision about your new BERNINA purchase.  If you live within a reasonable range come and see us and we will provide you with an experience you will love and we hope you will be another life-long Dave's BERNINA Customer.  If you live far away from Dave's BERNINA in another state, go find your local BERNINA Dealer and enjoy the great experience they can provide you with there.  In short if you buy a machine from a dealer who is too far away from where you live, you will struggle to get training / knowledge and service & support on your new machine, which may make you an unhappy BERNINA customer.  BERNINA is dedicated to make sure the customers have the best experience possible.

Can I buy a BERNINA online?
You cannot buy a new BERNINA Machine online.  Once a BERNINA machine has been discontinued then 12 months later BERNINA dealers may list sewing machines online for sale.  We frequently sale used BERNINA Machines in our locations in Provo and St. George and we list them online if they fit into this category.  Individuals not associated with BERNINA can certainly sell their used BERNINA products online if they so choose.  Once again BERNINA machines new or used Purchased at Dave's BERNINA carry an excellent service warranty.